Basic Assessment

Not sure where to start, but you know something is not quite right? Or perhaps you just want to be proactive with your health.  Let's do a basic lifestyle and diet assessment to identify potential areas of improvement.

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Health Review

Do you feel less than optimal, even though your doctor says you are "fine" due to recent blood lab results?  Let's review those results using more functional ranges and see if we can find healing opportunities.

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Functional Labs

Are you suffering from a chronic condition and understand that there is likely more to your solution than a few simple changes? Let's run pertinent labs and create a comprehensive plan to begin your journey to renewed health.

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getting to the why

Are you feeling less vibrant as the days go by?  Do you feel the years slowing you down, making you dread the many years ahead of you? Imagine instead living into your 80s or 90s with enough vitality to travel, hike, dance, and play with your great-grandkids. It's time to reject the assumption that your health must deteriorate as you age.   Stop ignoring the symptoms that are screaming for your attention, trying to get you to recognize a problem.

Perhaps you already know it's time for a change, but where do you begin? Our philosophy is:  Test, don't guess.  Rather than assuming your symptoms are a definite sign of a certain health malfunction, why not take the guesswork out of it and get to the real "why" of your health complaints?  Only when you know what you are dealing with can you start rebuilding your health.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a stand-alone, health-building, self-care program based on discovering the true cause of your health complaints rather than providing a band-aid.  FDN practitioners look beyond the symptoms and work on your health from the ground up, treating the whole body non-specifically using DRESS for Health Success® lifestyle modifications.  With access to some of the most effective lab tests available and solid relationships with trustworthy supplement companies, we can help you get to the root of your problem so that rather than covering up your symptoms, you can eliminate them.



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