3 Steps to Lasting Change, Part 1


It’s a new year, and if you are like 41% of Americans, you’ve set a resolution for 2018.  The vast majority of resolutions are focused on self-improvement or weight loss, which I find encouraging because it means people are taking the first step to making lasting changes:  awareness.

Awareness is simply the ability to see, meaning that you are able to look at yourself and recognize a potential area of improvement.  So when people have made resolutions, or goals, revolving around self-improvement or weight loss, it means they’ve taken time to honestly reflect on their current struggles.  Who couldn’t benefit from bettering themselves either relationally or physically?

Awareness is a powerful step, because not everyone is ready or willing to take part in this self-reflection.  It is not always easy to be honest with ourselves and identify our “faults”. What might this look like? How can we become more aware of improvements that could be made?

First, I encourage you to sit and think about your life and your aspirations.  This act in and of itself could be the best new habit you form this year!   Turn everything off and really tune into how you are feeling mentally and emotionally, whether your health is at its best, if you have areas of stress that could be addressed, and whether you are on track for where you want to be in 1, 5, or 10 years.  Do you have the energy you need to continue at the pace you are going?  Is it time to slow down that pace?  Are you taking enough time to take care of you?

Here are some examples of becoming more aware.  Perhaps you’ve struggled in your relationship with your boss, and you realize it is affecting your work performance and your home life.

Or maybe you’ve gotten lab results in, and your doctor has told you that you need to lose weight.  And while you’ve written this off in the past, you’ve finally decided that he may be right.

Or maybe you’ve failed time and time again to lose weight, but when you actually sit down to think about why, you can see that you need accountability and direction in order to be successful.

I encourage you to stop and take a few moments to truly reflect on where you are financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically, and whether it would be in your best interest to make positive changes in any of these areas.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, when we discuss the second major step to making lasting change.

Are you ready to tackle your health and weight goals in 2018?  If you are aware that this is a necessary area of improvement in your life, but you are not sure how to go about it, I encourage you to check out my 30-day Reset program.  It provides detailed guidance, recipes, meal plans, and more to make sure you are successful with your wellness goals in 2018.  You can learn more about it HERE.  The next live session begins January 14th!

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