Why I do what I do

The path to wellness can often seem daunting.  However, every person has the ability to lead a healthy and vibrant life, and anything that keeps you from doing so should be identified and corrected. I understand the battle against chronic conditions; I've been there. My method of identifying the true causes of disease includes lifestyle analysis and functional lab tests. Educating my clients is my number one goal.  Through supportive coaching and recommendations, you can finally begin to discover Your Best You, one step at a time.

Where it all began

My health quest began over 10 years ago with the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease.  The longer I "chewed on" the doctor's proclamation of no cure, the more I dug deeper to prove it wrong. This lead to an abundance of information that needs to be shared. We all have control over our health; it's just a matter of taking the reins.

About the Author

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Danielle Theis

Functional Health Detective

Danielle's search to get to the root cause of her own disease evolved into a passion to help others find true health.  She is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner as well as a Transformational Nutrition Coach.  She is also certified as a Personal Trainer and periodically leads fitness classes in her community.

Next Steps...

Why wait?  Begin your journey to discover Your Best You!  Take control of your health by receiving 10-days of education and tips to advance your wellness.