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What is Bioenergetics?


Einstein developed this equation during his in-depth studies in quantum physics, and while most of us are familiar with the equation, we may not know what exactly it means.  If we dig a bit, we come to learn that it means that matter and energy can be interchanged at the atomic level.    Or in simpler terms, matter and energy are not separate, but different forms of the same thing.  And if we embrace this truth, then we may start to wonder why the energy aspect of our body, of our being, is not really addressed when it comes to our health.  After all, if energy is matter and matter is energy, couldn’t that mean that my physical symptoms might be due to an imbalance on an energetic level?  While I am quite certain that my headaches do not occur because of an ibuprofen deficiency, what if there is a miscommunication in my body at the energetic level, and the headache is my body’s way of letting me know?

Enter biophysics (aka bioenergetics), which incorporates the models of biochemistry (think hormones, micronutrients, electrolyte balance, etc), Chinese medicine (meridians and energy or “Qi”), and electromagnetic fields (from the earth’s magnetic field, electric charges caused by thunderstorms, power sockets in your home, etc), recognizing that they are all linked together.  The body is not a bunch of separate organs, but rather an intricately connected system that relies on proper communication between all parts in order to function optimally.  And this includes more than just the physical body or parts we can see, but also our energetic fields and our emotions.  We are so much more than the simplified view of human biology that you may remember from high school science class, which is why attempting to treat symptoms at only a physical level rarely addresses the underlying causes of disease.

An important aspect of bioenergetics is the appreciation that the body has an innate ability to heal and detoxify.  Your body was created to function properly!  But exposure to toxins, stress, trauma, and so on has added “static” so the communication that is necessary within your body is not as clear as it should be.  This results in imbalances, potentially all the way down to the cellular level, and as a result, symptoms appear.  Symptoms are generally signs or flags of an underlying imbalance, rather than being the actual imbalance.  So rather than masking symptoms with substances, bioenergetics works to remind your body how to properly do its various jobs.