Food as Fuel

Eat like your life depends on it car

I drive a manual Subaru Forester XT, which means I have the power of a turbo with the pleasure of controlling the shift.  When I first bought the car, I was a bit disgusted that it required premium fuel, because I found the cost to be outrageously higher than the lower grades.  But the more I experienced the enjoyment that comes with optimal performance, the less the cost at the pump bothered me.  I LOVE driving my car, and it pains me when I need to fill my tank in a town that has no gas stations with premium!  I want my car to last a long, long time, so I do my best to provide it with optimal care, starting with the fuel I put into it.  If I consistently put low-grade fuel into my car, I certainly wouldn’t expect it to function very well.  Rather, I would anticipate lack of power, inefficiency, and eventually the inability to even start up.


What does this have to do with eating?

Perhaps you’ve never thought of your body as a well-built machine, but it is.  And like any machine, it needs to be taken care of.  If you choose to fuel your body with sub-optimal food (think boxes, packages, and drive-throughs), then you should expect to struggle through life with fatigue, aches and pains, skin problems, sleep issues, weight loss resistance, and any number of diseases.  Just like I can with my car, you may be able to get away with poor fuel every once in a while, but a continuous diet of things your body was not built to handle will compound into more and more problems.

Food, your fuel, can either lead you down a path of disease and pain or it can provide you with energy and contribute to optimal health and well-being.  As Dr Mark Hyman says, food works faster, better, and is cheaper than any medicine on the market.  And food is one of the areas in your life you have control over!  You can choose which fuel to put into your body, and that choice will contribute to either ill health or wellness.  The quality of your life hinges on the food choices you make. 


What will you choose?

If you want to fuel yourself properly but really aren’t sure how, I encourage you to sign up for the 30-day Reset, which runs live again starting this weekend.  Learn the whys and hows of eating properly, receive recipes and meal plans, and benefit from support from others going through the same journey.  Change is never easy, but it is easier with help, and the results received from positive changes are always worth the effort.

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