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The NES system uses technology to “read” your body fields and report back on any disruptions or imbalances that are present.  In essence, it uses the intelligence of your body to identify imbalances with your body.  The protocols for rebalancing your system include infoceuticals and the miHealth device.  Infoceuticals are ingestibles which contain information for proper functioning, essentially supplying your body with corrective information to heal.  The infoceuticals are taken on a daily basis and provide an inside-out approach to self-healing.  (Learn more about infoceuticals in the video below.)  The miHealth is a PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) device which also provides healing information, along frequencies that are assimilated into your body externally, which provides an outside-in approach.  MiHealth treatments are typically done in-office and can be performed as many as 3 times per week, if desired.